5 Best Exam Preparation Tips For Students: Key To Success

Exam time can be very stressful for students. It is a myth that students should study 8–10 hours per day to score higher in their exams. Concentrate more on how much than how long you have studied.

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 best exam preparation tips for students to help them study smarter and excel academically. You will find a secret study tip which will boost your preparation in a gamified way. Read till the end.

1. Prepare your study area well.

Have you got enough light? Is your chair comfortable?

When preparing for your exams, you should feel as relaxed as possible.

Make enough space to spread out your textbooks and notes. Some of us need everything completely tidy and organized in order to concentrate, while others thrive in a cluttered environment.

Give yourself the best environment to focus in by choosing somewhere with enough light, a comfortable chair, and little to no distractions.

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2.  Start studying early:

This is the most important study tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. The more time you have to study, the more you can spread out your work and the less overwhelmed you will feel.

A realistic study schedule will help you know where to start and what you’re aiming to achieve. Make a list of the exams you have and the dates you have to take them. Then organize your study accordingly.

1. Study every day at the same time to create a routine.

2. Prioritize difficult subjects more and give them some extra hours.

3. Be flexible. Don’t throw away your timetable if it doesn’t go 100% to plan. Make some adjustments according to the requirements.

Start your exam preparation early to give yourself extra time to review all you have already covered.

This can also help reduce stress and anxiety, as you will feel more prepared for the exam.

Additionally, giving yourself enough time to study can help you feel more confident and motivated. It is generally recommended to start studying for an exam at least a few weeks in advance, depending on the subject.

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Prepare Your weekly timetable

3. Review your notes and practice old exam papers:

A quick review of your notes can help you save time and review concepts. You can understand the subject better by just reviewing your notes and textbooks. Take breaks to let the knowledge sink in, and try to explain it to someone else to help you understand it better.

It will help you in three ways:

1. Reviewing your notes can help you refresh your memory and better understand the subject you have learned. It can also help you identify any areas where you are weak or where you need to spend more time studying.

2. Practicing old exam papers can give you a good idea of the questions that are likely to appear in the exam. This can help you become more familiar with the format and style of the exam, which can increase your confidence and make you feel more prepared.

3. Practicing old exam papers can help you improve your time management skills. By attempting practice questions under timed conditions, you can better understand how long it takes you to complete different questions and how to budget your time effectively on the exam.

Reviewing your notes and practicing old exam papers before an exam can improve your knowledge, understanding, and performance.

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4. Get plenty of rest and eat well:

Staying hydrated, eating three meals, and sticking to healthy snacks throughout the day will give you the fuel you need to focus.

It is important to get plenty of rest and eat well during exams because doing so can help you feel more alert and focused, improving your exam performance. Getting enough sleep helps you join your memories and process the information you have learned.


For the best quality sleep, try to avoid screens (computer, mobile, tablet, TV) for about an hour before bed and caffeine for 4–6 hours, and give yourself some time to unwind before bedtime. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, try getting outside for some fresh air.

A nutritious diet gives your body and brain the nourishment required to perform at their full potential.

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5. Group study will help you prepare better.

Get together with friends for a study session to challenge yourself. You may have doubts that they solve, and vice versa.

There are several benefits to doing group study during exams:

  • Collaborative learning: Group study will allow you to learn from your buddies and deepen your understanding of the subject. It can also help to clarify any areas of confusion.
  • Motivation: Studying in a group can be more motivating than studying alone, as you can help each other stay focused and on track.
  • Time management: Working in a group can help you divide and conquer the subject, allowing you to cover more material in less time.
  • Reviewing and testing: Group study allows you to review and test each other, which can help you identify areas where you need to focus more.
  • Stress reduction: Studying with others can help reduce stress and anxiety as you can support and encourage each other.

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Overall, group study can be a useful tool to supplement your individual studying and can help you perform better on exams.

You can use study tips and tricks to help you succeed in your exams. There might be other things that work better for you, so explore every option and ask your friends to find out how they prepare for their exams. You can even seek guidance from your teachers at school.

And here is my secret study tip for you: Our brains always effectively catch what we see, play, or practically perform. So try to use new technologies while studying. Like watching more videos and doing practical’s.

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Writer – Pranjal B. Thorat.

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