A Major Breakthrough in Medical Education

Medical Education

Medical field is one of the most highly popular verticals in education. Millions of students aspire to become a doctor, but only a handful get a chance to enroll themselves in medical colleges. On one hand, stiff competition makes life challenging for medical students. On the other hand, shortages of vital facilities hugely impact the quality of their training.
One such facility is ‘Cadaver’.

Media circles have widely reported that ‘Shortages of Cadavers’ often affect the overall understanding of human anatomy. And if you ask any medical student or professor, you will find it is true.

It is one of the most common challenges in medical education that most of the medical colleges face very often.

With growing medical colleges, stricter regulations, and various other factors, getting cadavers has become a very challenging task. But how to solve this challenge is a big question.
Let me reveal that now there is a solution to tackle this problem with ease.

Immersive Labz, a deep tech company founded by IITians built CADAVIZ – India’s First Virtual Human Dissection table to help students learn human anatomy in a way witnessed like never before.


It allows users to dissect the cadaver virtually and visualize every structure of the body’s anatomy in great detail. This product brings a revolution in the field of medical education as it meets all the regulations and needs to elevate the level of anatomy education.

Interestingly, the users can visualize the human anatomy as they would on a fresh cadaver. It allows medical students to explore virtually full-sized human bodies in a way once only accessible through traditional cadaver dissection. Medical students can use their fingers like a scalpel to perform dissection in any direction and depth to reveal anatomical features in vivid detail.

Forget about the shortages, as it is an IT product, it can be manufactured as per need and on time. You tell how many dissection tables you want, and you will get them on time. No shortage. No delay. You can continue human anatomy education at the pace you want.

Further, it offers various fascinating benefits over real cadavers, including but not limited to:

  • No foul smell
  • No uneasiness while learning human anatomy
  • Practise as much as you want (Unlimited practice time)
  • No chance of decomposition

Virtual Human Dissection table

Built using advanced technologies like AI, ML, VR, and AR, CADAVIZ offers an immersive learning experience to medical students. This virtual dissection table has various exciting features.

  1. Complete Anatomy Study: Learn about each body part in detail
  2. Realistic Dissection: Peel off layers to know the underlying structures
  3. Pragmatic Physiology Study: Learn how cells, tissues, and organisms’ function
  4. Immersive Visualization: 360* visualization makes learning immersive
  5. Closer Look: Zoom-in/ Zoom-out structures to get better clarity
  6. Highly Interactive: Rotate organs at different angles with a touch of a finger


Medical students often face difficulties while learning anatomy. Cadaviz fixes this aspect as well.

As it is a 3D virtual and immersive learning solution, students can learn about anatomy and retain knowledge very easily. Also, to get complete clarity, students can perform dissection any number of times and learn about any body structure in great depth.

Final Words

The development of Cadaviz is considered as a major breakthrough in medical education. As it does not just have all great learning features but it is one of the most affordable dissection tables in the market today. It is built considering the educational needs of students, doctors, and medical colleges.

It is a useful product that you must try if you are into medical education. You can contact

contact@immersivelabz.com to book a free demo of this product.

Watch this video to learn more about Cadaviz

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Writer – Ashwini Deshmukh

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