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Transform anatomy education with India’s first & most advanced 3D virtual human dissection table

Currently, Indian medical colleges are facing a severe shortage of cadavers for dissection and anatomy study. Pre-COVID, cadaver availability was one cadaver per 50 students against MC-specified standards of one per 15 students. The situation has further worsened to one cadaver per 100 students post-COVID.

This situation is not just impacting the quality of education and medical students’ understanding of human anatomy but could also affect the quality of healthcare services. It is due to these reasons there has been a great demand to bring innovation to tackle shortages of cadavers. Realizing the market requirement, Immersive Labz brings Cadaviz. It is a human-size touchscreen table for virtual dissection & anatomy study. It provides a true-to-life dissection experience which results in superior learning. It is a world-class medical laboratory built by domain experts to help learn human body anatomy. This dissection table comes with exciting features and great learning benefits.

Advantages Of Cadaviz

  • Use your finger like scalpel to perform dissection in any direction and at any depth to reveal anatomical features
  • Peel away layer by layer down to the skeleton
  • 80 touch points across the table to enable multiple simultaneous dissections
  • Visualize human organs in high-definition 3D – superior learning compared to decomposing body organs in a cadaver
  • No limitation of physical dissections
  • Higher retention due to interactive & immersive nature of virtual dissection
  • Congenial experience of virtual dissection vis-à-vis unpleasant experience of physical dissection (due to strong odor of body preservation chemicals)


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