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Welcome To SimuLab!

Now you can perform science practical sitting at home, just at the touch of your fingers!

Introducing SimuLab, a true-to-life lab experience, India’s first and the most advanced state-of-the-art virtual lab which lets you perform your science practical in a completely innovative way. We have gamified science practicals for you. Now, you can perform science practical multiple times, as much as you want using our intuitive laboratory. Learning is not just limited to performing science practical, we have provided quizzes to practice and assess your preparation for competitive exams (IIT/NEET/Olympiad). SimuLab helps enhanced learning retention for students as compared to traditional means with less time and investments.

SimuLab is the next big thing in the education sector providing you with interactive virtual science lab, all types of lab equipment at a minimal cost, with the simple and easy to understand user interface, guiding you through your way, even about the hazards you must take care for. In addition, don’t forget to interact with our AI Lab Assistant, Sophia.

With remote access to simulation-based Labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, SimuLab solves the issue of accessibility. You can access our multi-million-dollar lab facility anytime, anywhere. Another goal is to pique the student’s curiosity and provide them the freedom to learn at their pace.

So, come, join us, and immerse yourself in the world of virtual science practical with SimuLab!

Physics, Not So Complex After All!

The Immersive Labz Physics simulations are set of virtual lab simulations that give students access to a fully functional lab where they study all of the fundamental physics concepts and techniques in a fun and immersive learning environment. The physics package combines simple concept-based simulations with complex technique-based simulations with no need of setting up the lab equipment, spend money on hardware, or worry about mishaps.

Virtual Physics experiment

The package has more than 50 learning goals that are fully aligned with the K–12 curriculum. Basic simulations, which entail setting up an experiment, adjusting various equipment, measuring, and documenting results are designed to improve K–12 course curricula by reinforcing essential concepts and giving students a new resource for deeper learning. The Immersive Labz physics simulations correlate to all chapters of K-12 physics. This includes kinematics, dynamics, thermodynamics, hydrostatics, oscillations, waves, current electricity, magnetism, optics, and semiconductor electronics. Students will practice crucial lab skills including utilizing various measuring instruments, figuring out their least counts, and removing various errors, with no restrictions on time and attempts.

All of the simulations are built around captivating narratives and situations that highlight the topic’s importance and real-world relevance for students. Students’ knowledge is tested though specifically crafted quiz questions. Students also get access to the extensive theory behind the simulations, which provides them with pertinent background knowledge whenever they need it. Students can observe the milestones during the simulation and pick up where they left off. They have full access to a learning dashboard that gives them an in-depth understanding of the performance and growth.

To explore this world of virtual scientific laboratories with Immersive Labz,

You’ll Love Our Chemistry!

Are you troubled by the pungent smell of chemicals or worried about harmful gases or allergic reactions when you step in the chemistry lab? Well, look no further, bringing you SimuLab, your own personal lab at your fingertips!

The Immersive Labz chemistry package is a collection of virtual lab simulations that are centered on the fundamental principles and concepts required for class 11th and 12th chemistry. An alternative method of learning the subject is to use simulations and work in a virtual laboratory.

Virtual chemistry Experiment

These simulations are mostly based on qualitative and quantitative analytical principles. Chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, thermochemistry, chromatography, biochemistry, and electrochemistry are among the topics covered in the package.

The AI lab assistant assists students during each experiment. Each experiment begins with a real-life scenario that focuses exclusively on the direct application of the experiment. Students will acquire research skills by performing paper chromatography, measuring the concentration of solutions using volumetric analysis, and determining the enthalpy of salt solutions using a Calorimeter. Students can perform numerous tests to detect the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, oils, and fats in variety of food samples by examining distinctive changes such as precipitate formation or evolution of gas. Throughout the course, students will acquire core lab skills such as preparation of standard solutions, preparation of chromatogram, titration, and measuring temperature. Solving quiz questions at the end of simulations allows students to assess their understanding of the experiment.

Students can access a theoretical notes section, which contains brief information regarding the experiments and associated principles. Each experiment has its own predetermined set of milestones. As a result, the scores and performances of the students can be recorded and assessed. Complete access to the dashboard provides insights into the performance of student.

All of this paired with n number of attempts really is a performance booster.

So, what are you waiting for, enroll now in the SimuLab course and ace your experiments!

 Virtual Biology Experiment

Our Biology Will Grow On You!

Do you have trouble understanding biology’s concepts, tenets, experiments, and dissections!

Are you frightened of handling the samples and dissecting them correctly? What if you had access to a fully furnished, well-equipped lab that immerses you in science through a captivating learning process on your computer or smartphone? Sounds intriguing, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With SimuLab, students get access to a true laboratory setting where they carry out experiments and polish their abilities in a fun and secure learning environment. You will learn diverse biology experiments, human anatomy and physiology, and specimen dissection in our biology lab. SimuLab biology lab helps you fully comprehend how botany, zoology, ecology, and physiology apply in the real world.

Students can perform experiments with cutting-edge lab equipment and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment. Students can complete all the experiments and activities for 11th and 12thgrade science using SimuLab. Allowing students to explore in SimuLab before performing in an actual laboratory is critical since it eliminates stress and waste.

With the help of theoretical pages, exam questions, and realistic 3D simulations, students may visualise biology all the way down to the molecular level as they are studying. The simulations include tests that provide feedback on your progress and aid pupils in performing well on exams.

So, what are you waiting for, enroll now in the SimuLab course to learn how to master difficult approaches and comprehend abstract topics of Biology!

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