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Better alternative to physical lab

  • Access advanced science lab at your fingertips
  • Retain key concepts for long through immersive learning
  • Crack lab work related questions in IIT-JEE/NEET through extensive quizzes


India’s first 3D virtual human dissection table

  • Solves shortage of cadaviz for medicos (10% availability against requirement)
  • Study finer details of anatomy in high definition which is not possible with cadaver dissection
  • Visualize and rotate every organ


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100+Virtual Science Experiments

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“My first experience with Immersive Labz Biology module was remarkable. The dissection module of frog felt as real as it could be. This has also been received very well by our zoology students. I have come across significantly higher engagement among students during virtual dissection. I strongly recommend this product to zoology students and teachers.”
Prof. Hemant Dhamke
Department of Zoology, D Y Patil ACS Colllege Pimpri, Pune.

“I have been using the Immersive Labz Biology module for teaching dissection to students. These modules are very well developed. It provides a real lab-like experience and also the application is highly interactive. The 3D models of the internal and external anatomy of the animals are highly detailed. I strongly recommend this product to biology students and teachers”

(M.Sc. Ph.D.) Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, BVDU, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IT & Biotechnology, PUNE
“We are using your product for teaching biology. It is very useful and works fantastic. It is also assisting students for better understanding of the subject. I and my colleagues really liked your product. Keep upgrading and updating us.”
Wasim Indaz Shaikh
Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, AKI's Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Camp, Pune
“SimuLab is not just a typical video but a simulation software where we can actually demonstrate the dissection, it is a unique solution provided by Immersive Labz to overcome dissection ban. It is very useful for the students.”
Dr. Ishrat V. Shaikh
Head - Department of Zoology, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Azam Campus, Camp, Pune
“We had an excellent experience with the SimuLab App built by the Immersive Labz. We have told our students to first practice in virtual labs before doing experiments in the physical labs. With this, they are better prepared for the lab and can retain concepts longer. SimuLab is very user-friendly as well. Our staff and students operate it easily and are very much satisfied with SimuLab.”
Dr. Kishor D. Pendharkar
Associate Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, Fergusson College (Autonomous), Pune.

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