Chemistry Practicals Class 12

Qualitative Analysis of Oils & Fats

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About Simulation

  • In our virtual chemistry lab, you will understand various identification tests for carbohydrates which are included in the class 12 chemistry practicals.
  • Using this 3D simulation, you will be able to report adulteration in oils and fats.
  • You will acquire the skills required to identify saturated and unsaturated fat.
  • Once you understand the different steps throughout the simulation, you can perform the experiment in the real lab.
  • Our chemistry lab provides a very immersive environment and gives you a real-lab-like experience while conducting or performing experiments.

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Simulation Details

Duration – 30 Minutes
Easily Accessible
Language – English
Platforms – Android & Windows


Fats and oil-based diets are essential for processing vitamins and, consequently, the growth of the human body. They make up part of all cells and help maintain body temperature. They also form fatty tissue around delicate organs to protect them from injury. At ordinary temperatures, oils are present in liquid form, while fats are in solid form. Fats are present in gums, oils, and milk foods.

The best examples of fat used in ordinary life are desi ghee and vanaspati ghee. Desi ghee is an animal product, and vanaspati ghee is derived from plants. Fats in these products can be found in both varieties, including saturated and unsaturated. They are insoluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol and soluble in chloroform. They serve as an excellent source of energy providers to the body.

Following are some important tests for the detection of oils and fats:

  1. Solubility Test
  2. Translucent Spot Test
  3. Acrolein Test
  4. Baudouin Test
  5. Huble’s Test

Watch this video to learn more about chemistry.

Requirements for this Science Experiment

Test Tubes Test Tube Holder Test Tube Stand Filter Papers Droppers Beakers Bunsen Burner Wire Gauze Tripod Stand Glass Rod Spatula Candle

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