Biology Practicals Class 12

Frog Dissection – Explore the Mysteries of Frog Anatomy

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About Simulation

  • In this simulation, you will learn about frog dissection and frog anatomy through virtual dissections.
  • You will learn how to use the dissection tools. 
  • This virtual lab simulation aims to help you to study frog anatomy, identify the external and internal organs of frogs and label them accurately. 
  • This interaction creates a realistic environment during the frog dissection experiment and gives you a real-life experience.
  • Every step of the biology practical, including setting up the experimental setup, dissecting the specimen, demonstrating the models, making permanent slides, and many more, is very interactive and has been simulated in a way that is extremely identical to what you would do in a real lab.

Dissection of frog

Simulation Details

Duration – 30 Minutes
Easily Accessible
Language – English
Platforms – Android & Windows


Frogs are important model creatures for studying animals’ development, behaviour, anatomy, and physiology. It is a carnivorous animal. It feeds earthworms, insects, spiders, snails, and tadpoles. The frog is a cold-blooded or poikilothermic animal which means an animal whose internal temperature varies considerably. Therefore, it cannot bear very cold or very hot temperatures.

Female frogs may or may not stay with the eggs to take care of the young after she has laid them. Frogs do not respire via lungs. Their respiration takes place through their skin. The frog engages in very few activities during hibernation, saving valuable energy to survive. They do not consume any food but consume energy stored in their body in the form of glycogen.

They remain inside until the next spring. Similarly, frogs need summer sleep or aestivation to mitigate the drought. They bury themselves in soft mud and become inactive and sluggish. Frogs use both their forelimbs and hind limbs for locomotion. Since they exhibit sexual dimorphism, frogs are unisexual.

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Requirements for this Science Experiment

Preserved frog Dissection Pan Scalpel Forceps Scissors Dissecting Pins

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