Physics Practicals Class 10

Electromagnetic Induction

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About Simulation

  • By engaging with this simulation, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of electromagnetic induction and its correlation with alterations in magnetic flux, empowering you to comprehend this foundational physics principle effectively.
  • Through virtual experimentation, you can explore the intricate process of how the motion of a magnet in proximity to a coil of wire initiates the generation of an electric current, allowing you to grasp the phenomenon with clarity and depth.
  • By actively participating in this simulation, you will have the opportunity to observe and scrutinize the deflection of the galvanometer needle, illustrating the practical manifestation of induced current and facilitating a deeper analysis of its implications.

Physics Practical Class

  • Utilizing this educational tool, you can experiment freely with various scenarios involving electromagnetic induction, fostering a hands-on learning experience that enhances your proficiency in applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations.
  • Upon completion of this simulation, you will possess the skills and insights necessary to interpret and analyze electromagnetic induction phenomena confidently, equipping you with valuable expertise that extends beyond the virtual environment into real-world applications.

Simulation Details

Duration – 30 Minutes
Easily Accessible
Languages – Odia & English
Platforms – Android & Windows


Electromagnetic induction is a fundamental principle in physics, describing how a changing magnetic field induces an electric current in a nearby conductor. In this experiment, when a magnet’s north or south pole is moved near a coil of wire, the magnetic field surrounding the magnet interacts with the coil.

Physics Practical Class

As the magnet moves, the magnetic flux through the coil changes, inducing an electromotive force (emf) according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. This induced EMF drives an electric current to flow through the coil, as detected by the galvanometer.

The direction of the induced current follows Lenz’s law, which states that the induced current creates a magnetic field that opposes the change in magnetic flux. Consequently, the galvanometer needle deflects in response to the induced current.

By varying the number of turns in the coil, we can observe how the induced current changes, demonstrating the relationship between magnetic flux, induced emf, and the number of turns in the coil.

Requirements for this Science Experiment

  • Coil
  • Bar magnet
  • Galvanometer
  • Connecting wire

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