Biology Practicals Class 10

Heredity and Evolution

  • Teach science experiments in a gamified way
  • Boost conceptual clarity and knowledge retention
  • Aligned with National Education Policy 2020
  • Helpful in getting NAAC accreditation
  • CBSE, ICSE, and state boards aligned curricula
  • Engaging simulations with easy-to-teach instructions

About Simulation

  • Get ready for an exciting journey into the fascinating worlds of Heredity and Evolution! This program is not just about learning; it's about discovery. Through a series of engaging experiments and demonstrations, we will unravel the mysteries of biology in a thrilling and simplified way. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of Heredity and Evolution and best of all; you'll have fun doing it!
  • Through this experiment, you will experience the dynamic interplay between genetics and natural selection as you explore their significance in shaping the diversity of life on Earth. You will delve into the complexities of genetics, DNA, and inheritance and learn about the mechanisms of natural selection that drive the evolution of species over time.

Biology Practical Class

  • In addition to experiments and demonstrations, you will also have access to interactive simulations that provide a hands-on approach to learning about these essential biological principles. These simulations will enable you to explore the complexities of Heredity and Evolution at your own pace and gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that drive these processes.
  • By the end of the program, you will not only have a newfound appreciation for the diversity of life on our planet but also understand how this knowledge can be applied in real-life situations. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential biological principles of Heredity and Evolution and be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further studies in this exciting field.

Simulation Details

Duration – 30 Minutes
Easily Accessible
Languages – Odia & English
Platforms – Android & Windows


Heredity, also known as biological inheritance, refers to the transfer of characteristics or traits from parents to their offspring. This process plays a fundamental role in shaping the genetic makeup of individuals and determining their physical and behavioral traits. On the other hand, evolution is the gradual change over successive generations in the heritable traits of biological populations.

Through this simulation, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of both heredity and evolution. By exploring the mechanisms behind the transmission of genetic information and the factors driving evolutionary change, individuals will develop a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of these processes and their impact on the diversity of life forms on Earth. This immersive experience will provide valuable insights into the complex interplay between heredity and evolution, shedding light on the mechanisms that drive biological diversity and adaptation over time.

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