Biology Practicals Class 12

Breathing Mechanism and Exchange of Gasses

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About Simulation

  • In this biology simulation, you will learn about the process of breathing along with the process of exchange of gasses, i.e., respiration. 
  • You will know about the organs involved in breathing and the exchange of gasses.
  • You will understand the process of regulating human respiration and the disorders of the respiratory system. 
  • In this biology experiment, you will explore the relationship between singing and breathing.
  • This interaction creates a very realistic environment and gives you a real-life experience.

Respiratory System

  • Every step in this biology experiment, including setting up the experimental setup, dissecting the specimen, demonstrating the models, making permanent slides, and many more, is very interactive and has been simulated in a very similar way to what you would do in a real lab.

Simulation Details

Duration – 30 Minutes
Easily Accessible
Language – English
Platforms – Android & Windows


The circulatory system is the to-and-fro movement of blood carried out by the heart. It is also called the cardiovascular system. It is an essential mechanism for transporting required nutrients to every cell. It also helps remove waste or harmful substances produced, for the body’s healthy functioning.

In both animals and plants, the respiratory system is a biological system made up of particular organs and structures used to exchange gasses. In addition to producing energy and toxic chemicals like carbon dioxide, cells use oxygen for metabolism. Different systems for delivering oxygen to the cells and removing carbon dioxide from the bodies have evolved in animals. Our respiratory system, which consists of two lungs and related airways, is highly developed to carry out this role.

Breathing involves taking in atmospheric air (inspiration or inhalation) and releasing alveolar air as the first stage of respiration (expiration or exhalation). The additional phases include exchanging O2 and CO2 between deoxygenated blood and alveoli, transporting these gases by the blood throughout the body, exchanging O2 and CO2 between oxygenated blood and tissues, and using O2 by cells (cellular respiration).

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Requirements for this Science Experiment

Human Respiratory System Lungs Alveoli

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