Regional Anatomy


The Regional Anatomy section offers users the opportunity to explore and learn about various anatomical structures in specific regions of the male and female body. The use of different colours enhances the understanding and provides a clear visual representation of these regions. With Cadaviz, understanding each region separately is a breeze. It allows users to isolate and hide specific structures, providing a clear and focused view of the regional anatomy.

With Cadaviz, users will learn each region of the body, from the head, face, and neck to the upper limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and lower limb. The Incision Lines feature enables users to create incision lines on body parts and Surface Anatomy, allowing them to understand and visualize human anatomy more effectively. The surface anatomy interactive simulation provides a realistic experience and improves understanding.

The labels provided in the simulation enable users to identify and understand even the smallest areas of specific regions that may not be easily visible to the naked eye. Additionally, the description tab offers detailed information about the regional anatomy, which helps users better comprehend the simulation’s flow.

Users can view the body from different perspectives, using a slider to view detailed structures system by system, from skin layers to bone structures and muscles.

Experience hands-on learning with our virtual dissection tools. Dive into anatomical regions with intricate detail, all without the need for physical specimens. 3D tools like a scalpel can help users cut the body into different planes, draw on the body, pin specific parts, and accurately label any part. This makes learning organ systems easier than traditional methods.

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