Prosection is the discipline of anatomy in which the different regions of a dissected cadaver are dissected in parts to demonstrate specific anatomical structures to students. Users will discover an extensive array of prosections, each revealing the complexities of the human body.

From the intricacies of the head to the detailed examination of various bones, muscles, and organs, Cadaviz offers a comprehensive exploration of anatomical structures. Images are procured from real prosected cadavers and then reconstructed in the 3D along with pin-point labels to the parts visible. Guiding learners through every anatomical detail with ease and clarity. This helps the user have a realistic experience.

Dye injection enhances the visibility of arteries and veins, providing a more realistic view of their textures and structures. The use of accurate and precise 3D reconstruction has greatly enhanced the overall experience.

3D scan view provides a better understanding of organs such as the brain, lungs, and heart, as well as regions such as the cubital fossa, pectoral region, and multiple layers of hand muscles.

Prosection will be a resourceful guide to the user for studying a comprehensive view of the human body.

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