Welcome to the Physiology section of Cadaviz, where you can embark on a journey to explore and understand the intricate structures and functions of the body’s organs and systems. Through vivid colors and clear visual representations, Cadaviz enhances your comprehension of organ function, allowing you to dissect each organ with ease.

In Physiology, we delve into the fascinating world of mammalian cells, the building blocks of life. From basic cellular functions like molecule exchange and ATP production to specialized roles in epithelial, muscle, nerve, and connective tissues, Cadaviz illuminates the complexities of cellular physiology. Explore the concept of Homeostasis, where positive and negative feedback mechanisms maintain balance, presented with crystal-clear visualizations of reflexes in action.

Discover the intricacies of the nervous system, from the central and peripheral nervous systems to the structure of neurons and the roles of glial cells. Explore the anatomy of the heart, its chambers, layers, and striated muscle, all portrayed with precision and clarity.

With Cadaviz, labels and descriptions aid in identifying and understanding even the minutest details of organs, while background voiceovers guide you through their functions, enhancing your comprehension of the simulation’s flow.

Dive into the depths of physiology with Cadaviz, where 3D tools allow you to pinpoint and label specific parts, revolutionizing the learning experience beyond traditional methods. Immerse yourself in the world of physiology, all without the need for physical organs, and uncover the secrets of the human body like never before.

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