One of the standout features in our Cadaviz table is Marma points, as these points give specific anatomical locations in the human body through which the energy of these elements is believed to flow.

The Cadaviz Model provides a detailed understanding of the 107 Marma points located on the surface of the human body. It explains the correlations and symptoms of marmaghata, which will be helpful for students who wish to learn about the 107 marma points and their corresponding sizes. This will give the students a deeper understanding of the subject.

Our Marma points are classified according to body parts and include the location, anatomical relationship, anguli pramana, and symptoms of injury if it occurs to any of these points.

It is the perfect tool for medical students to learn and memorize the Marma points accurately for academic and therapeutic purposes. Our model helps students visualize and understand each Marma point, ensuring they have a complete understanding of the human body.

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