Boost academic performance of students by enhancing their science practical skills using SimuLab

SimuLab is India’s only true-to-life & gamified 3D virtual science lab at your fingertips.

Practical science education has always been challenging due to problems of accessibility (not enough labs infrastructure) & engagement.

Majority of science students opt for engineering or medicine which are applied science. Therefore, a weak science practical education has a long-term impact on students’ careers. Understanding this issue, government has already started emphasizing on the importance of lab work. This is visible through increasing weightage of lab work in IIT JEE/NEET (about 15-20%).

Benefits To Students

Gamified Learning: Superior Way Of Learning

  • Scientifically proven that 90% of students gain better results after using SimuLab vis-à-vis physical lab.
  • Published the study results in a research paper at 32nd Annual POMS - Conference at Florida, USA.

Conducting Experiments

  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Experiments can be performed multiple times
  • Step-by-step instructions are given to perform science experiments
  • AI-based quizzes are given for further clarity and improvement
  • Educates students about lab safety protocols

science practical

Benefits To Institutes

SimuLab Master Application (Monitor Performance)

  • You can track students’ progress on lab work & quiz performance
  • You can analyze dashboards and check reports
  • Institute can fix the science lab schedule for each student
  • Set customize quizzes
  • Special discounts for students available

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