Histopathology is the study of microscopic specimens to observe the changes that occur in cells and tissues due to various disease processes. General Histopathology deals with the common abnormal cellular changes associated with diseases across all the different organ systems of the body.

An elaborate description of each microscopic specimen, along with its precise details, is essential for a comprehensive understanding of General Histopathology. Specific details such as magnification and stain descriptions alongside the microscopic specimens help the user gain theoretical as well as practical information in one glance.

In addition, students can compare normal specimens with diseased specimens’ side by side to better understand the changes that have occurred. This module allows the user to view the specimens at 40X microscopic magnification with high resolution. For a more detailed study, the software allows the user to zoom further into the specimen up to five times.

Systemic Histopathology studies microscopic specimens to observe changes in cells and tissues due to disease processes. A detailed description of each specimen, including magnification and stain details, is essential. Comparing normal and diseased specimens helps students understand changes.

Histopathological study is the cornerstone of disease diagnosis and prognosis in modern medicine.

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