Histology is the study of the microscopic anatomy of tissues and cells, examining their structure, composition, and function. General Histology explores cells, tissues, and their functions across different organ systems. Users can explore numerous high-quality virtual specimens, each offering a captivating exploration of the intricate parts of the human body.

Cadaviz brings histology to life with meticulous categorization into General and Systemic Histology, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of tissue structures like never before. Users also get the benefit of discovering the significance of special stains and their uses in Histology.

The numerous labels help users navigate the intricate network of human tissues, providing a better understanding at every step. The ability to zoom in to the maximum level, highlighting each cell and revealing the secrets of histology with great precision, offers an exceptional experience.

This module provides detailed descriptions of microscopic specimens, including magnification and stain descriptions, to help students understand theoretical and practical information. Systemic Histology focuses on the cells, tissues, and functions of specific organ systems within the body.

The module allows users to view specimens at 40X magnification with high resolution and zoom further up to 5 times for more detailed studies. This helps students connect microscopic observations with macroscopic anatomical and physiological functions within a particular organ system.

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