Gross Anatomy


The gross anatomy module allows users to explore and learn about various anatomical structures in the body with the naked eye. It features hundreds of cross-section slides for both CT and anatomical images for male cadaver data and thousands of cross-section anatomical images for female cadaver data.

It allows users to study cadaveric sectional anatomy with ultra-thin labelled transverse, sagittal, and coronal sections of both male and female cadavers and experience the human body from a sectional point of view.

The field of gross anatomy encompasses meticulously crafted modules, including detailed male and female bodies, male and female cadavers, male and female pediatric subjects, and fetal anatomy.

Accurate anatomical labels for each 3D organ make understanding organ systems easier than traditional approaches. 3D tools like a scalpel can be used to cut the body into different planes, allowing users to draw on the body, pin specific parts, and accurately label any part. The zoom-in option enables users to view all the scans in greater detail.

The visibility slider allows users to view detailed anatomical structures system by system. From muscles to organs, bones to nerves, Cadaviz allows users to study every part of the section, layer by layer, enhancing the understanding of anatomical structures and their relations with one another like never before.

The paediatric male body and pediatric female body also provide a comprehensive view of the body, allowing users to view detailed anatomical structures system by system. Cadaviz’s accuracy and ease of use make it a valuable tool for understanding anatomy.

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