Tips to Improve Concentration and Memory During Exams

Improve concentration

It has been observed that most of the students start worrying as soon as the exam season starts approaching. The main fear or concern is that they are unable to concentrate or memorize during this period. They begin to doubt their ability to recall the subject they had prepared for the exams.

To overcome this fear or concern, there are certain techniques to improve your concentration and memory during exams.

Preparing Short Notes:

Preparation of short notes related to the topic certainly helps to memorize the entire topic.

To make it easier for you to recall your brief notes, write them in different typefaces, such as bold or underlined, or use colour. If you remember only those short notes, it will help you remember the entire topic or the required information.

Adequate Revision:

Continuous revision helps you to understand the topic in a better manner. This is especially important for difficult topics, however important from the exam’s perspective. After completing the chapter, revise the topic and try to memorize what you have learned so far. This will help you gain more confidence before appearing for the exam.


Meditation will certainly help in removing stress and anxiety during the exam period. It also increases your grasping power. Meditating for 5 to 10 minutes daily will significantly impact your grasping ability, and you can concentrate better while studying.

Effective Time Management:

  • Effective Time management is essential in prioritizing the study areas and chapters.
  • It helps you to cover all the subjects within the stipulated time.
  • Allocate your time based on the importance and difficulty level of topics/chapters.
  • Try to align with your schedule so that you will be well prepared before appearing for the exam.

Short Breaks:

  • Try taking short breaks of around 5-10 mins after 1 hour of intense concentration to relax the mind.
  • You should utilize this time to do things that will not occupy your mind, such as taking a short walk, listening to songs, chatting with friends, etc.

Vital Role of Simulab in Simplified Learning:

  • Interactive or visual learning helps to store the knowledge in your memory for a longer period of time.
  • Apps such as SimuLab help students to memorize the concepts and understand the chapters/topics in a simplified manner.
  • Remembering the stories used in the app, circuit diagrams, and the experimental table setup helps students understand the topics or concepts in a better way.
  • Taking the quizzes from the app helps you to evaluate your performance and helps you to increase your learning pace.
  • Thus, Simulab will truly play a vital role in simplifying the learning process. You can try and access the Simulab Android App on the Google Play store.

You can find below glimpses of the experimental table set-up and story from the app.

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Writer – Pradeep Khodanpure

Lead Test Engineer


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