Dive Deep into the Interesting World of Genetics

5th December 2023

  • Learners can now explore the structure of DNA and RNA, control of the development of the embryo, and the components required for the expression of genes.
  • The topic of chromosomes, helps you to understand Mendel’s Laws. You can learn about haploid and diploid chromosomes, autosomes and sex chromosomes, the duplication of chromosomes along with the important technique of Karyotyping.
  • The important concepts of Mitosis and Meiosis are explained with interesting simulations in cell division.
  • Learn Aneuploidy focusing on Nondisjunction, Trisomy, and Monosomy.
  • The Topic of Inheritance of Genetic Disorders covers the important points of Pedigree Chart, Autosomal dominant and recessive inheritance, X-linked dominant and recessive inheritance, Y-linked inheritance along with Multifactorial inheritance.
  • Explore the Genetic basis of Polymorphism and Mutation in the Topic of Variations.
  • Understand the various Principles of Genetic Counselling.
  • Learn about Mosaicism and Chimerism with the help of Cell Lines.